The Key to Independence: GETMOBIT sets new standards for secure, managed access to a digital workspace

Russian technology vendor GETMOBIT is scaling the capabilities of its ecosystem of "smart workplaces" built around the GM Smart System platform and the GM-Box G1 terminal. A new generation of software products is entering the market under the brand name GM Smart System New Generation. Today, GM Smart System New Generation is the only solution on the market that allows corporations to provide managed and secure access to digital resources from any end-user device - PC, laptop or thin client (TK). The platform integrates devices into a single system, automates their preparation and operation, providing out-of-the-box connectivity to cloud services and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from anywhere.

Market forecast

MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the virtual desktop market will grow from $12.3 billion in 2022 to $20.1 billion by 2027. And the thin client market will become one of the fastest growing. The growth will be 3.1%. 95% of corporate users worldwide work in virtual workspaces running foreign software. According to experts, in 2023 in Russia about 70% of companies used foreign VDI, 5% of companies used foreign and Russian VDI at the same time. This percentage is expected to rise to 15% by 2025. Demand for Russian thin clients will grow in proportion to these indicators. The main growth factors will be: the replacement of previously installed 500,000 PCs, most of which are produced by Dell, HP and Lenovo, as well as the development of Russian VDI platforms.

The traditional TC market was characterized by the cooperation of software and hardware manufacturers who supplied a comprehensive solution: a thin client and cloud applications and services. This interaction allowed customers to receive a ready-made bundle of solutions, increasing the productivity, flexibility and scalability of the IT infrastructure. Today, when Western vendors have left the market, companies are faced with the problem of technical support for existing infrastructure, the possibility of updating software versions and, as a result, the development of technologies or the addition of new functions.

Managing thin clients is in many cases an economically justified, but at the same time a complicated story. Working with TK requires special approaches compared to the classic desktop PC infrastructure.

Platform Attributes

The GM Smart System New Generation platform includes a management server (GMSS Factory New Generation), end device system software (GMSS NG Client) and a conversion service. The presence of such functionality allows you to combine the management of devices from different vendors and replace management systems in a short time – HP Device Manager, Wyse Device Manager or Wyse Management Suite.

GMSS NG Client is a hardware–independent system software ("firmware") that runs on any compatible x86-64 device, including desktop PCs, laptops and thin clients. The centralized network conversion system allows you to switch from the existing software to the GM NG Client in a matter of minutes, get the settings and start working. The platform supports compatibility with all VDI solutions common in Russia. GMSS NG Client has been tested for compatibility with a wide range of devices: thin clients and PCs from Dell Wyse, HP, ICL, TONK, Acer, Sila and others. Both modern and discontinued models are supported.

Business Benefits

The software environment for managing the fleet of devices created using GM Smart System New Generation allows you to save not only the invested investments, but also to transfer the company to a new level of technological maturity, comply with the requirements for using Russian software and take into account the requirements of regulators in the field of information security. Customers receive a technological tool for "dismantling" foreign solutions in favor of domestic ones and adapting users to changes in the IT landscape.

Benefits for system administrators

GM Smart System New Generation removes from administrators the task of "manually" forming the firmware and installing applications on the user's ARM. The process of implementing the system is reduced to the development of standard configuration templates, taking into account the requirements of existing business processes, which are linked to user groups according to specified rules. Among the features are automatic TC detection and transmission of information about it to the management system, distribution of commands for installation, updating and deleting software components, execution of command scripts created by the administrator, configuring the OS of the thin client and its components, setting up a flexible role model.

Advantages for the user

The end user receives a complete workplace, always prepared specifically for him, with a single interface, regardless of whether he uses a universal GM-Box dock, an old PC or a TK as part of the GM Smart System New Generation infrastructure, in the office or from home. The almost complete absence of the need for local settings allows the user to get started simply by entering a username and password.

GETMOBIT — Functional excellence and market innovation

"The new generation of smart products is the implementation of long-conceived plans. I've always wanted to scale the all-in-one concept to adjacent market niches. In this case, we worked ahead of the curve, anticipating the needs of the market. The demand for a new solution exceeded my expectations. Moreover, the interest of hardware manufacturers in cooperation with GETMOBIT to create complex packages using our software is growing," comments Maria Rukavishnikova, founder and CEO of GETMOBIT.

"GM Smart System New Generation gives businesses the opportunity to reuse old PCs, PCs and laptops. Ensuring a smooth and predictable transition from legacy foreign infrastructure and applied IT products to domestic ones. For service companies, this solution allows you to create a single infrastructure contour for creating a workplace as a service: with a wide range of offers for the fleet of end devices used by VDI and IP telephony systems, this is an excellent solution for companies with traditional office organization, as well as with hybrid and remote formats" — Vasily Shubin, Head of the GETMOBIT Product Development and Expertise Center.

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