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The Global CIO "Top 100 IT Leaders" rating is comprised of CIOs and VPs of IT (CIOs, CDTOs), CEOs and CEOs leading digital transformation in companies. These are the leaders who, according to the professional IT community, contribute to the development of the IT industry. Among the nominees of the rating is Mrs. Maria Rukavishnikova, a bright leader in the country's digital sector, founder and CEO of LLC “Getmobit”, creator of the GM Smart System ecosystem for a new generation of workspaces.   


Mrs. Maria Rukavishnikova has been developing the Russian IT industry since 2002. She has worked in the large international and Russian companies: Aquarius, Systematics, IBM. She was responsible for the promotion and sales of complex technological solutions and computer equipment in the corporate and government segments. Was recognized as Top-Performer by IBM in 2009. In 2010, she has joined the new IT team of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation as Advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Board for IT Strategic Development, Secretary of the Innovation Committee, Deputy Director of the Software Development Department.

In 2016, Maria, together with her business partners, founded the technological startup LLC “Getmobit”. Getmobit technologies allow to build digital solutions for organizing and managing smart workspaces in the commercial and government enterprises.

“Having the experience of working in the international company IBM, I have always focused on offering a product that is competitive on the global market. Our business ideas revolved around recompiling the office workspace. We proceeded from the "work-force centric" concept, according to which the center should be not a table with a computer, but a person working behind him with his personal communication space and corporate tools”, – these were Maria’s words to the “First Mile” magazine.


In 2018, Mrs. Maria Rukavishnikova and her team presented LLC “Getmobit” at MWC in Barcelona. In 2019, at the IT Summit of the BRICS countries, she represented Russian innovative business at a meeting of IT ministers; at the GITEX exhibition in Dubai, she signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the major system integrator “Saudi Business Machines” on the partnership of both companies in Saudi Arabia.


To launch an innovative company which has developed a complex product for managing smart workplaces, to organize its own production with a capacity of 20,000 devices, to become a partner of the largest Russian and foreign companies, to have its own patented products and to offer sanctions-resistant solutions for its customers – all this and even more has been done within five years of business development.


“The innovation cycle starts with an idea, requests and wishes of the client. Next comes the process of evaluating the feasibility, repeatability, criticality, commercialization. Only after that the decision gets onto the road map, where there are both long-term vectors and short-term goals. Modeling of the life of the company takes place through the prism of the road map. The external factors are superimposed on it, and taking into account these factors the current state is reassessed and the priorities that are relevant today are determined. Our team is like a jet engine: we quickly adapt and prepare relevant offers for our customers. During the first wave of the pandemic, we have launched a service for the rapid deployment of remote workplaces “Global Discovery Service”. Nowadays in the face of sanctions, we offer reliable, completely domestic solutions that meet all the requirements,” – says Mrs. Maria Rukavishnikova.


LLC “Getmobit”, founded by Maria, develops and manufactures the GM Smart System platform, designed to organize the infrastructure of automated workspaces with access to cloud services, virtual workplaces and telecommunications services. The platform implements the concept of Smart Workspace and allows to create smart workspaces for hybrid and remote offices. Within the concept of Smart Workspace LLC “Getmobit” has developed GM-Box – a multifunctional docking station that integrates the functions of a "thin client" and an IP video phone.


Getmobit solutions, as a fully localized Russian project, make it possible to ensure the technological sustainability of domestic enterprises and companies operating on the Russian market under sanctions restrictions.


Maria develops not only her company, but also actively works with the IT community, initiates proposals to support small and medium businesses and innovative startups. She is a member of the Board of the NP RUSSOFT Association, is a member of the ARPP "Domestic Soft" and the Association of the Russian Developers and Manufacturers of Electronics (ARPE).


Mrs. Maria Rukavishnikova has a Ph.D. in Economics and the title of Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory. During ten years she gave lectures in micro- and macroeconomics at one of the leading technical universities in the country. She regularly mentors and supports talents in her own company – she launched an internship program for students and young professionals without work experience.


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