Leaders of digital transformation: Maria Rukavishnikova and Alexey Dudarev in the "Top 100 IT Leaders" of Global CIO

Strategic and technological excellence is the foundation of GETMOBIT's business. For more than 6 years, the company has been creating unique software and hardware complexes and solutions in the field of workplace digitalization and end device management. Every year we participate in the Global CIO rating "TOP 100 IT leaders in Russia".

The goal of the TOP 100 IT Leaders project is to introduce the industry to the leaders leading the digitalization process in Russia, who have significant experience in creating innovative products and managing projects in the field of digital transformation. The Top 100 ranking consists of those who, according to the professional IT community, make a great contribution to the development of the industry.

This year, two representatives of GETMOBIT are participating in the competition at once: founder and CEO Maria Rukavishnikova and technical director of hardware platforms Alexey Dudarev.

Information about the nominees

Maria Rukavishnikova is the founder, visionary and CEO of GETMOBIT.

More than 20 years of IT experience. Since 2003, she has been a leader in the marketing and sales of high-tech products in international and Russian ICT companies Autograph, Aquarius, Systematics, IBM.

From 2010 to 2012, she implemented projects to modernize the Pension Fund's information systems as an advisor-consultant to the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the FIU, Deputy Head of the Software Development Department and Secretary of the Innovation Committee.

In 2016, she founded and headed the technology company GETMOBIT, specializing in the development of platform solutions for managing digital workspaces.

In 2024, GETMOBIT technologies digitized over 2,700 jobs.

Alexey Dudarev is the Technical Director of GETMOBIT hardware platforms.

He went through a career path from a circuit engineer to a technical director. From 2000 to 2023, he participated in the development of more than 20 serial products in the field of computing and electronics. Co-author of a number of patents for inventions and utility models in the field of electronic devices.

Since 2019, he has been actively involved in projects to localize the production of computer equipment in the Russian Federation.

He was at the origins of the GETMOBIT company, participated in the elaboration of the idea and testing of the first product hypothesis. He was responsible not only for the creation of the prototype, but also for the further organization, automation of the company's production processes and quality management processes. In 2020, he joined the GETMOBIT top management team. Implemented a strategic project to localize the production of the GM-Box G1 serial product in the Russian Federation and include it in the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Maria Rukavishnikova and Alexey Dudarev represent two key areas of the company's work: strategic development and technological leadership. We are rooting for our colleagues and will be glad to receive support from our partners.

The voting will last until May 13, 2024.

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