OCS starts to promote Smart Workplace by Russian IT-company Getmobit

OCS Distribution offers the channel an innovative solution GM Smart System, created at the convergence of hardware and software technologies by Russian IT-company Getmobit. It is a digital platform for building and centralized management of the infrastructure of office Smart Workplaces, which is based on a universal doc-station in the all-in-one concept. The system combines the capabilities of a "thin-client", IP and video phone, basic wireless communication modules and other systems within one device. GM Smart System is a new generation universal unified workstation designed for use in manufacturing plants, in the public sector and the defence industry, in offices and when working remotely.

OCS Distribution, the market leader in project distribution, is bringing a new solution to its partner channel - the GM Smart System by Getmobit, a technology leader and visionary of the innovative concept of Smart Workspaces. The GM Smart System platform is designed for centralized management of workstations provided in the form of virtual desktops and web services for corporate and government customers. The system ensures mutual functional and technological integration of all elements of the infrastructure, ensuring a high level of information environment security.

The main component of the GM Smart System is the GM-Box, a hybrid doc-station in the AIO (all-in-one) concept. The device combines "thin client", IP and videophone, contactless card reader, a set of basic wireless modules and several types of charging for a smartphone.

The second component of the GM Smart System platform is the GM Management Suite server software for system management of client devices and access control to information resources, centralized updating, profiling, monitoring, logging, distribution and scaling. The platform is also connected to the GM Mobile Assistant mobile application for convenient user access to the organization's information resources, available on Google Play and in the Apple Store.

Of particular note is the platform's service - Global Discоvery Service (GDS), developed during the COVID-19 pandemic for quick and comfortable transfer of employees to the "remote location". The solution provides fast and secure connectivity to corporate networks for remote users using GM-Box docking stations and is ready to scale.

Building IT infrastructure on the AIO principle based on the GM Smart System allows a workplace to be deployed in fifteen minutes and leads to simplified administration by reducing the number of points of failure and management. GM Smart System provides the possibility of multivariate user identification (login, token, smart card, ACS card) and authentication using a smartphone. The platform offers management of security policies, monitoring and analysis of user behavior, control of the immutability of device software, protection from unauthorized access to data and simultaneous work in confidential and open circuits of information exchange.

GM Smart System is compatible with virtual desktop infrastructures based on solutions from leading manufacturers, including Citrix XenDesktop, HUAWEI FUSION, Microsoft VDI, Infoland Ovirt, VMware Horizon, RUSTECH, Tionix, SKALA-R. In terms of unified communications, telephony and video conferencing (VCS) services, the system is compatible with a variety of SIP solutions, including Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, CommuniGate Pro, Freeswitch, Siemens, VideoMost, VATS Mango, VATS Rostelecom, TrueConf, PROTEI.

OCS believes in great potential in Getmobit's solution, which allows to significantly reduce the costs of creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure and at the same time being within the loop of import substitution policies. The distributor invites integrators to use the GM Smart System platform within the framework of complex projects for the transition to virtual workplaces and web services, for the creation and modernization of digital workplaces in large companies and government organizations that work equally effectively both in the day-to-day and in conditions "remote work" during a pandemic.

OCS Department of Information Security and Software will be responsible for promoting Getmobit solutions in the partner channel. Demo-stand has already been organized at the distributor's site, designed to demonstrate in practice all the capabilities and advantages of the system.


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