Get a bit more. Russian Getmobit company introduced “office of the future” to the Middle East.

Getmobit is actively engaged in the digital transformation of public, medical, financial and energy organizations. It’s creates hybrid Smart Workspace. This is a new product for the workspace management at the intersection of mobility, software manageability, cybersecurity and corporate control over business processes.

At GITEX Techology Week Getmobit presents the trusted enterprise platform, GM Smart System. Which integrate smart docking station GM-Box and system of monitoring workstation. The new organization and technology model of workspace help clients to refine the business processes in staff performance, company security and information technology operations.

Getmobit demonstrates GM-BOX G1 – Base and Duo versions. Both are multifunction docking stations to create unified workplace replacing PC and fixed-line telephony. GM-BOX satisfies BYOD concept and allowing workforce-centric environment. GM-BOX device ensures multi-factor authentication via smartphone, token, smart cards or biometrics.

One of the key innovations of Getmobit – GM-BOX DUO - is combining the access to different information circuits in one device. The idea of new technology is to build two motherboards in one unit with unique hardware KVM switch to operate Public and Private networks separately.

Getmobit founder and CEO Mary Rukavishnikova: "We are in the contact with some of international companies. Understanding differences in the business needs. The issues of workplace information security now became more actual. In Middle East were registered cases of theft of personal employee data, logins, passwords and mail addresses. We are offering the complex approach to protect data via end-point infrastructure. To have workspace secure and smart”.

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