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Russian software against a foreign monopoly

18.10.2019 Comnews

GETMOBIT CEO & Founder Maria Rukavishnikova сomments about localizing of foreign software and efforts to struggle global monopolies.

Arabic Russia Today about Getmobit at GITEX Technology Week

11.10.2019 Russia Today

Getmobil officailly presented Smart Workspace solution at MENA region.

GM Smart System Solution Overview

06.10.2019 Tadviser

The GM Smart System platform was developed to solve the problems of corporate workspaces unifying in the context of the transition to virtual desktop technologies and web services. The platform’s functionality gives the customer a quantum leap in the transformation of end-point infrastructure due to the versatility of the solution for various workspace categories - stationary, remote and “guest”.

Interview with GETMOBIT CEO and founder Maria Rukavishnikova

06.10.2019 High Tech

“To be more convincing and to show what level we are applying for, at the presentation I took out a Swiss knife. I wanted to draw an analogy for multifunctionality and quality. It impressed people.”

Russians launched production of safe Linux-based device for PCs and phones replacement for business and public sector

06.10.2019 Cnews

The Russian company Getmobit has begun production of the GM-Box docking station, developed in an all-in-one concept.

GM-Box Smart Workplace Presented in MWC Barcelona

06.10.2019 smestreet

The device is a multi-purpose docking station that gives secure access to the whole infrastructure of virtual workplaces and IP telephony. Its purpose is not only to minimize companies’ expenses on the office front, but also to provide employees with a comfortable way of working remotely and securely. GM-Box is a new addition to the smart office concept, it meets all the necessary security requirements as well as special demands for arranging workplaces in corporations and government organizations.
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