Getmobit podvel itogi 2019 goda na press-klube Russoft v TASS. 62/5000 Getmobit summed up the results of 2019 at the Russoft Press Club in TASS.

The meeting of IT-companies with the press on February 27, 2020 turned out to be especially lively and interesting for all participants.


CEO of leading IT-companies discussed issues of concern to all market participants: tax incentives, mutually beneficial coexistence in the market of IT giants and small businesses, the situation with import substitution, financial discipline of corporations in relation to procurement from SMEs, expectations from the course of the updated Government and, of course, talked about landmark projects in 2019. ., creating trends in the new year.

Maria Rukavishnikova announced the results of the approbation project at the Federal Treasury in the IQ quarter, implemented by Getmobit in conjunction with Rostelecom. The service format for providing equipment and IT services for AWP is becoming a new standard for public business. Access to two circuits of the information network for employees of the Federal Treasury was realized from one GM-Box DUO two-paid device.


Benefits achieved in the project:

• Savings on the total cost of ownership of the workstation infrastructure;
• Harmonization of IT and information security, reducing the risks of data leakage;
• Unification and uniformity of technical means of access;
• Simplification of user experience with ICT infrastructure.


Holding a press club coincided with the symbolic end of winter. We are meeting spring with the expectation of accelerating the growth and development of the IT market!




Photographic materials provided by Russoft.

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