Demo of Getmobit's Smart Workplaces are available for OCS Distribution Clients

GM Smart System platform, created by the Russian company Getmobit, is available for demonstration and testing at the OCS Distribution office.

GM Smart System is a new generation universal unified b2b platform for smart workplaces in different industries and the public sector in offices and working remotely. It is a digital platform for building and centralized management of office workspace infrastructure, based on a universal "all-in-one" dock-station GM-Box that combines the capabilities of "thin" client, IP- and video phone, basic wireless communication modules and other systems.

Benefits of the solution by Getmobit:

  • Versatility. GM-Box, as the central component of the GM Smart System,  integrates "thin" client, IP and videophone, contactless card reader, a set of basic wireless modules and several types of smartphone charging.
  • Security for the remote workspace. Global Discоvery Service (GDS), developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, provides a fast and secure connection to corporate networks for remote users using GM-Box dock-stations. The workplace can be deployed in 15 minutes.
  • Platform Compatibility. GM Smart System works with virtual desktop infrastructures based on Citrix XenDesktop, HUAWEI FUSION, Microsoft VDI, Infoland Ovirt, VMware Horizon, RUSTEC, Tionix, SKALA-R. The system is compatible with a variety of SIP solutions, including products from Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, CommuniGate Pro, Freeswitch, Siemens, VideoMost, VATS Mango, VATS Rostelecom, TrueConf, PROTEI.

For details, visit the OCS Distribution website.

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