We created a new work ceremony – when the person becomes the center of the workspace, and his environment becomes a Smart Workspace.

SMART Workspace in GETMOBIT Solutions:


– Security – complex secury of workspaces


– Mobile-friendly – smartphone integration into the user’s workspace


– A-personal - workspace personalization after the user identification


– Reduce Costs – workspace personalization after the user identification


– Technologies – humanity of hybrid technologies


Smart Workspace – it is a complex of hybrid communications and cybersecurity technologies for organizing workspaces on the principles of a single ecosystem.


Getmobit has made a new vision in creating Smart Workspaces based on innovative secure cross-technology platform. We have combined ideas, knowledge and technologies to develop a new generation of digital devices and hybrid-managed infrastructure for government and corporate business. Design and quality of architecture allow implementing any corporative dreams and willingness to disrupt the market of complicated systems with the simplicity and adaptiveness.

GM Smart System


GM Smart System is a trusted enterprise platform, which provides products, solution and services to create adaptive and flexible workspace environment. Platform supports various workspace options, depending on geographic location, organization approach and network infrastructure connection.

With hybrid docking station GM-Box customers receive an adaptive GM Smart System that allows to achieve the integration of Information Technologies, Information Security tools and user devices in a Multi-Cloud environment. The solution is based on the Behavioral Safety principles, compliance with regulatory requirements and Technological Interoperability. An ideal Out-of-the-box Workplace transforms not only the office, but also business processes. It simplifies access and user behavior control using various options of authentication and a centralized software management system.

GM-Box is a multifunctional digital docking station to provide unified workplace, which can replace PC and fixed-line telephony. GM-Box provides an easy and secured access to corporative data and apps in cloud-based infrastructure. GM-Box meets requests of BYOD, COPE and CYOD concepts, and and creates a “flying” Work Profile following the user.

GM Smart System

  • creates an unified workspace management: an integrated approach to organize and support office workspace;
  • provides an easy and secured access to corporative data and apps in cloud-based infrastructure;

  • simplifies access and user behavior control using various options of authentication and a centralized software management system;

  • meets requests of BYOD, COPE and CYOD concepts, and creates an impersonal Work Profile following the user regardless place of work.


electronic device, the flagship product that provides business and employee easy and secure working with corporate, government, financial, medical data. This is a multifunctional docking station to make unified workplace, which can replace PC and fixed-line telephony.

GM-Box satisfies BYOD concept and creates workspace that follows the user. GM-box device provides various options of multi-factor authentication via a smartphone, token, smart cards, biometric tools.


  • Impersonal device for PC and IP phone replacing
  • Combine terminal and web operating clients
  • Imutable trusted software environment
  • User identification various options
  • Authentication using smartphone
  • Flexible network: ethernet, WIFI, 4G modem, smartphone mobile internet
  • Integrated unified communication: voice, video & mobile

Key Innovations

  • The unification of technologies on a unified platform gives greater workplace control, rapid implementation and updating.
  • Intelligent automated control allows for a high degree of observability and controllability.
  • The hardware hybrid GM-BOX is built on the combination of several types of divices, allows to simultaneously work with data and gain access to Unified Communication services
  • The dual-network docking station GM-BOX DUO implements a mechanism for supporting data exchange in two independent networks: Private and Public
  • The built-in operating system GM OS and Information Security Tools guarantee the protection of confidential data from fishing user behavior


How to make an order?
To order a solution, leave a request through the order form on the website and write to To get started, we need basic information about the current level of development of the IT infrastructure in your company.
What is the price of the solution?

The cost depends on the requirements of the customer for the functionality of the solution and includes:

  1. costs of GM-Box devices for user,

  2. costs of software for monitoring and centralized workplace management.

The GM-Box device is available in 23 modifications. The choice is depended on the components - the built-in modules. The model line of GM-Box devices and their functionality are presented here (гиперссылка на файл с таблицей).

The software is licensed to connect to the Management Server. The cost of a license depends on the selected edition of the server, which differ in functionality. GETMOBIT offers 4 server options described here.(гиперссылка на файл с таблицей).

The software is licensed by the number of computing modules (boards) on the GM-Box devises are purchased. For example, for a single-board GM-Box Base docking station, you need 1 license, and for two-board GM-Box DUO - 2 licenses.

Why do I need the GM Smart System platform - what problems does it solve?

The GM Smart System platform solution is created in the “all in one” concept with integrated information security features.

It changes the approach to the organization and management of Workspaces in the corporation, to make them both effective and safe.

There is a wide variety of SIP phones, thin clients, docking stations, on the basis of which you can build an integrated solution in the corporate electronics market. However, the total cost of solution building and its further support is high. Alternative solutions will not provide a high level of usability, coordination of functional components and information security, as in the Getmobit product.

Key advantages:

  • Simplification of administration of workplaces due to a new approach to organizing IT infrastructure of workplaces - “all in one” - fewer points of failure and management;
  • Work in several information circuits from one device at the same time.
  • Two-factor authentication in various options (tokens, smart cards, smart cards);
  • Authentication using a smartphone;
  • Flexible scenarios for connecting to network interfaces. GM-Box can be used as a remote workplace via WiFi or 3G, or connected to a company’s LAN via Ethernet;
  • Impersonalization of workspaces, corporate phone always “follows” the user, all his environment in one place;
  • Quick deployment - the term for preparing a new workplace is no more than 10 minutes.
Is your GM-Box device a phone or a thin client?

From the user point of view, the GM-Box device is neither a thin client, nor a phone - it is a new type of consumer electronics for the corporate segment - a docking station in the All-in-One concept. In connection with these, we call the GM-Box a universal hybrid docking station that is used to access the virtual desktop, web browser and Unified Communications services.

The principle of GM-Box operation is based on combining within one device the capabilities of several types of devices: IP phone, video phone, thin client for connecting to terminal and VDI services, a web camera, RFID and NFC\ cards readers, wire and wireless modules for a smartphone charging , a KVM switch, modules for Wi-Fi / BT, 3G / LTE modem wireless interfaces.

Can I buy one GM-Box only?

Yes, you can. But for the solution to work and bring benefits to the company, it assumes the presence of desktop virtualization. The device is supplied as part of a complex project to create digital workspaces in the company.

Do you have a version for home, like a PC?

The GM Smart System solution is implemented in a thin client architecture, which assumes a virtualization platform (VDI). Desktop virtualization is used in corporations and government organizations, where a large number of workspaces and the use of virtualization is economically and organizationally beneficial. Sometimes organizations create home-based workplaces (also with virtualization technology) for their employees, but their management is centralized — that is, such workplaces are also equipped and maintained by the corporation’s IT department. We don’t have any versions for home in the sense of "independently buy 1 GM-Box device and put it at home", but we are working on product development with our partners and will tell you about the appearance of new products in the GETMOBIT line.

What applications can be deployed in the cloud? Based on what software are they based on?

To implement virtual desktops, the client can use any VDI platform: VMWare Horizon, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, HUAWEI FUSION, Ovirt, RUSTEK, Tionix, SKALA-R. We have integrated with all platforms.

VDI technologies provide access to any applications running on Windows or Linux OS. In addition, the technology allows for compatibility with web portals and web applications that require outdated or specialized browser versions.

What are the requirements for telephony?

In terms of Unified Communications, telephony and video conferencing services, our product has been tested for compatibility with a wide range of solutions based on SIP - Cisco, Avaya, CommuniGate Pro, Asterisk, Siemens, PROTEI, Freeswitch, VideoMost, VATS Mango, VATS Rostelecom.

How to become your partner and on what terms?

Getmobit is actively expanding its partnership and network and is looking for partners who are ready to promote the concept of “smart workspaces” and the GM SMART SYSTEM platform in the corporate sector. We provide Getmobit products on individual conditions for creating demonstration stands. The company provides training for partners and provides all the necessary information about the product and its opportunities.

For partnership and cooperation, we are waiting for proposals by e-mail:

Can you send more information about the solution?

Yes of course. Write to us at and we will send all the necessary information and basic requirements for IT infrastructure.

What is the information security of your decision?

An integrated approach to the information security of corporate workplaces is provided on the system architecture level of GM Smart System. The platform offers variable authentication, management of security policies, monitoring and analysis of user behavior, monitoring the immutability of the device’s computing module, protection against inconsistent information retrieval, and simultaneous operation in private and public networks of information exchange.

GETMOBIT’s product portfolio includes a special version of the device - GM-Box DUO for organizations that use the separation of corporate IT infrastructure into two isolated data circuits: public and private. Work with two circuits is carried out using one set of "keyboard + mouse" and one or two monitors. The requirements to physically differentiate the work of users on the open Internet and information systems that process confidential information are prescribed today by most state organizations, medical institutions and large corporations

How and how long does solution implementation take?

From the moment “Want” to “See on the table” there are stages: solution demonstration, preparation of an testing stand (for example, implementation of a solution for 10 workplaces in one office), concept development, TCO, proposal preparation, contract, delivery and implementation, user training and support.

The speed of implementation largely depends on the procurement regulations of the customer. Infrastructure preparation may require port configuration, coordination of connections with information security services. In our experience, an implementation project takes an average of several weeks. The launch time of the new GM-Box is 10 minutes. Deployment is possible by any, even untrained user. All settings are predefined, it is enough to include the device in the power supply network, after which it will automatically connect to the main systems via any available channels.