Corporate values


Getmobit is not afraid to prove to the world that we knows how to make cool products. Moreover, we ourselves set new standards in the level of “humanity” of technologies that we create. Each member of our team is a universal soldier, ready to take on tasks that no one has previously solved.


We do not make preferences between the users of our products - top managers and interns. Everyone gets a quality product with the right functionality and beautiful design.


We create our products in the spirit of Agile and are not afraid to make changes to the hypotheses that we formed earlier. The world is changing, and we are with it. And customers get a product designed for their needs.


The development of innovative solutions should be quick. It took us 3 years from the moment the of the GM-Box  prototype to the GM Smart System platform selling and  production launch. We know that the market and our customers cannot wait - we are ready to help them today.


We develop Smart Office solutions, and our customers drive the development of our products. We do not stop their development and go from the device and platform to the eco-system. And our employees never stop in their professional and personal development.


Our force - is a unified team of professionals. The knowledge, potential, energy and creativity of each make our team strong and unique.

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